Well positioned in the heart of Valgraziosa valley (western Tuscany hills, close to the seaside), only a few hundreds metres from the town centre of Calci (PI), La Fabbrica starts as a conversion project of an old cookies and soda factory then turned into bike-oriented accommodation.

The spaces are wide and bright, two separate lodgings equipped with kitchen and panoramic terrace, thoroughly redecorated in a rustic but contemporary Tuscan style.

No detail is accidental and no possible comfort is overlooked: in the ground floor you’ll be able to enjoy one of the local delights, the craft brewery where you’ll be able to take part in one of the many tours with tasting sessions; in the outdoor space, on the sides of a pleasant river, you’ll be enjoying a regenerative natural experience or a rest in the courtyard, while also being able to access the bike workshop and a wide parking area.